Injili Bible Church is committed to making good Christian literature available in Swahili. Swahili is widely spoken in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, DRC and is now spreading to Southern Sudan and parts of western Somalia. Many Swahili speakers do not have access to good Christian literature and many pastors in the region do not have access to good Bible commentaries and theological books. We are committed to the task of translating some of the finest literature available in the market into Swahili and to distributing these books to where they are needed the most. This web site tells you about the books we have already translated and books that are being translated. If you would like supplies of Swahili books please contact us and we will do our best to help you.

Our books are in 3 sections; The expository thoughts of J.C.Ryle on the Gospels, Compilations of sermons by J.C.Ryle and miscellanious others

About our books


expository thoughts

Ufafanuzi wa Injili ya Yohana is a translation into Swahili of Expository Thoughts on John by J.C. Ryle. In doing this translation, we have omitted Ryle’s extensive footnotes and translated only the actual text. The gospel of John was written to teach us valuable lessons about Christ and about salvation. Ryle’s treatment of the gospel is simple and direct so that even the person who is not a Christian can understand and benefit from it. It will also be useful for pastors preaching this gospel and Christians leading family worship.


Ufafanuzi wa Injili ya Marko is a translation into Swahili of Expository Thoughts on Marko by J.C. Ryle. The gospel is the shortest gospel and Ryle’s treatment of it is short and to the point. The exposition of each passage is about two or three pages and is therefore ideal for family Bible readings and for a discussion group Bible study. This book will help all Christians to understand Mark’s gospel.


Ufafanuzi wa Injili ya Mathayo is a translation into Swahili of Expository Thoughts on Matthew by J.C. Ryle. This is a very simple translation which can be understood by any Swahili speaker. It is profitable for all Christians and will also help pastors who desire to preach through the book of Matthew. It will be of particular help to those who want to study the gospel of Matthew for themselves and for those who want to lead family devotions.


Ufafanuzi wa Injili ya Luka is a translation into Swahili of Expository Thoughts on Luke by J.C. Ryle. The gospel of Luke is the longest gospel and Ryle’s exposition is particularly rich in dealing with the text. For example, in dealing with Lazarus and the Rich Man (Luke 16:19-31), Ryle makes the following points:

1. A person’s status on earth does not tell us his true spiritual standing before God.

2. No matter who we are we will all one day die.

3. The Lord takes special care of His people.

4. Those who die unsaved go into hell for eternity.

5. Those who are not saved only find out the value of salvation when they are in hell and it is too late.

6. If a person refuses to believe the word of God then he will continue to refuse to believe it, even if he sees a great miracle.

About Ryle's expository thoughts

These books are translations of Ryle’s works on the gospels. Ryle wrote, “The plan I have adopted in drawing up the Expository Thoughts is as follows: I have divided the sacred text into sections or passages, averaging about 12 verses each. I have then supplied a continuous series of short, plain expositions of each of these passages. In each exposition I have generally begun by stating as briefly as possible the main scope and purpose of the passage under consideration. I have then selected two, three or four prominent points in the passage, singled them out from the rest, dwelt exclusively on them, and endeavoured to enforce them plainly and vigorously on the readers’ attention. The points selected will be found to be sometimes doctrinal and sometimes practical. The only rule in selection has been to seize on the really leading points of the passage.”

Ryle tells us whom he had in mind when he wrote these books:

“In the first place, I indulge the hope that the work may be found suitable for use at family prayers. The supply of works adopted for this purpose has never yet been equal to the demand. In the next place, I cannot help hoping that the work may prove an aid to those who visit the sick and the poor. The number of persons who visit hospitals with an earnest desire to do spiritual good is now very great. There is reason to believe that proper books for reading on such occasions are much wanted.”

“Last, but not least, I trust that the work may not be found unprofitable for private reading, as a companion to the gospels. There are not a few whose callings and engagements make it impossible for them to read large commentaries and exposition of God’s word. I have thought that such may find it helpful to their memories to have a few leading points set before their minds in connection with what they read.”

J.C.Ryle's expository thoughts on the Gospels



Njia ya Wokovu

The title means “The Way of Salvation,” and has four sermons in it: Pharisee and the Tax Collector; What do you think of Christ; Only a Few will be Saved; and Be Calm.  The booklet has 64 pages and is ideal for an earnest seeker or for a young Christian who wants to learn more about the Christian faith.  It can be used in evangelistic Bible Studies.

Je, Uko Tayari.

The title means, “Are you ready,” and has four Ryle sermons: Are you Ready; Many will come; Overcoming the world and Come to Christ.  This is booklet of 56 pages and is ideal for evangelistic distribution or for evangelistic Bible studies.

Je, Umezaliwa mara ya Pili?

The title means, “Are you born again?”  This is one of the first books we published and has been enormously popular in East Africa.  It is a booklet of 32 pages and has three chapters: What does it mean to be born again; Why we need to be born again; and how a person can know that he is born again.  It is ideal for evangelistic Bible studies.

Ukristo wa Ukweli

This booklet contains three sermons by J.C. Ryle: “Is your Christianity Real or is it External only?”; “One Way;” and “Peace with God.”  The sermons have both an evangelistic and a teaching purpose and seek to teach what the true Christian faith is.  The first sermon invites the reader to examine his Christianity to see if it eminates from a true heart; the second sermon points out that the only way of salvation is Christ, and the third sermon teaches the doctrine of Justification.

ukristo wa ukweli
njia ya wokovu
je uko tayari
je umezaliwa mara ya pili

Mafundisho ya Biblia kuhusu Jamii

The title means, “The teaching of the Bible about families.” This is a book of just over 100 pages and has three very fine Ryle sermons in it: Advice to Young People on how to live a Godly Life; Advice to Parents on how to Bring up Children and an evangelistic sermon called The Family of God. The first two are famous Ryle sermons that have never been out of print since they first appeared at the end of the 19th century. There is a lot of very good, Biblical teaching on these subjects. Ryle is clear and simple and his sermons abound in holy wisdom. All Christians will find these sermons of very great help to them. The sermons can be read as part of family worship.

Ujumbe wa Injili

The title means, “The Message of the Gospel.” This is an evangelistic booklet with four sermons from J.C. Ryle. The sermons are: Do you Believe (a fine exposition of John 3:16); Gospel Treasures; A Bad Heart and What have you done with your sins. Each sermon is a clear and simple presentation of the gospel. The booklet is about 64 pages and is ideal for the serious seeker. It can be used with great profit in a group Bible Study.


Mwaliko na Mungu kwa Watenda Dhambi

The title means, “The Invitation of God for those in sin.” This is an evangelistic booklet with four Ryle sermons: Calvary, Confession of Sin; Look Unto Christ and Come to Christ. The booklet is about 45 pages and is attractively produced. Each sermon is a clear and simple presentation of the gospel with very direct application. It is ideal for a serious seeker or can be used in a Bible study with a group of seekers.


The title, “Greed and True Christianity,” may sound a little odd in English but comes across well in Swahili. It was suggested to us by a non-Christian man who was with us when we were checking the contents of this booklet (he has subsequently come to faith in Christ).

The booklet has an attractive orange cover and has three Ryle sermons in it. The first sermon, Festus, Agrippa and Paul (from Acts 26:24-29), looks at the three men under the headings, “Festus the non-Christian, Agrippa the Almost-Christian and Paul the Altogether-Christian.”

The second sermon is called “Seven Lessons from the life of Judas Iscariot. This is a distillation of all Ryle’s teaching on the rogue apostle in his Expository Thoughts and is a very fine and challenging sermon suitable for pastors, all Christians and those who are not yet saved.

The third sermon is “The Great Example of Moses” and is a fine exposition of Hebrews 11: 24-28. This is a sermon from Ryle’s book Holiness.


Kimbia Utoroke Ulimwengu huu wa Dhambi.

The title means, “Flee from this world of sin” and has a really attractive red cover. There are three sermons in it:

Firstly, The Story of Matthew, which is an evangelistic sermon on the calling of the tax-collector turned apostle.

Secondly, there is Ryle’s really powerful sermon, Remember Lot’s Wife from his book Holiness. This is one of Ryle’s finest sermons, full of great teaching for Christians and with some very fine and pointed applications for those who profess, like Lot’s wife, to be saved but have their heart in the things of the world.

Thirdly, there is a sermon called Christ and the Two Thieves, about the two men who were crucified near Him. This again is a fine evangelistic sermon but has excellent teaching and application for all Christians.


The title means, “The Dangers of Loving the World.”

This booklet has three sermons of J.C.Ryle: The Parable of the Sower and the Seed (Matt. 13:1-9;18-23); The Parable of the Tenants (Matt. 21:33-46); and Lazarus and the Rich Man (Luke 16:19-31).

The sermons are primarily evangelistic, though there is a lot of very good teaching for Christians here. Pastors especially will find these sermons helpful in learning how to expound a parable and bring out its main teaching. The booklet has an attractive, colourful cover that most people will find appealing.

hatari ya

These booklets contain three or four evangelistic sermons by Ryle. They are attractively produced and are suitable for giving to serious seekers or for doing evangelistic Bible studies

Translated booklets containing sermons of J. C. Ryle


Njia ya Kufika Mbinguni.

This is a translation of Joseph Alleine’s famous book, “A Sure Guide to Heaven,” and is wonderfully relevant to the scene in East Africa.  Alleine shows what Christianity is not and then displays true Biblical Christianity and how a person becomes a Christian.  It is suitable both for Christians and those seeking salvation.

Tajiri na Lazaro by Brownlow North.

Brownlow North was an evangelist in England in the 19th century and was much used of the Lord, particularly during the 1859 revival.  This is an exposition of Christ’s famous parable in Luke 16:19-31.  There is much profound insight here which will help both the Christian and the earnest seeker.  The chapter titles are appealing like, “Six things the rich man saw for the first time when he entered hell.”

njia ya kufika mbinguni


This is a Swahili translation of J. C. Ryle’s most famous book: Holiness. This is one of the best books you could ever find on the subject of holiness. It will profit all Christians who read it. It will also profit many pastors who would like to read it. It contains classic sermons like “The great example of Moses” and “Remember Lot’s wife”.

Mchungaji na kazi yake

This is a Swahili translation of “The ministry we need” by Richard Baxter which is the simplified version of “The reformed pastor”. This book begins with encouraging the pastor to guard his own life and to take care of his own spiritual life. It continues on to show the pastor how he should carry out his pastoral duties. It will also profit all Christians.

mchungaji na kazi yake

Kuzaliwa Mara ya Pili

This book is the Swahili translation of John Piper’s outstanding book, Finally Alive. Piper explains in this book that there is great confusion in the world today with regard to what is the new birth and what are the consequences of the new birth. The book is in five sections: What does it mean to be born again; Why do we need to be born again; How can a person be born again; What are the consequences of being born again; and How can we help others to be born again.

kuzaliwa mara ya pili

Kutembea na Mungu

This is a Swahili translation of Walking with God by J. C. Ryle. Walking with God is a simplified edition of practical religion. This is a very simple translation which will profit all Christians who read it. It is also useful for family devotions. It contains chapters such as Prayer, Reading your Bible and How to live a practical Christian life.

kutembea na mungu

Je, kwa nini Kristo alikufa msalabani?

This is a Swahili translation of 50 Reasons why Jesus died on the cross by John Piper. This is a very simple Swahili translation which will help all those who read it to understand why Jesus came to die on the cross of Calvary. This book will also profit pastors who desire to preach Christ and His work on the cross.

je kwa nini kristo alikufa
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